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Skorpios Island Aristotle Onassis

The tragic sunglassed shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis, whose actual worth is still a mystery, bought Skorpios Island in Greece in the 1960s.


The island is forever linked to both the happiest and tragic moments of the Onassis family. The island was also a cavorting ground for two of Ari’s lady loves, Jackie Kennedy and Maria Callas. Onassis ended his relationship with famous opera singer Maria Callas to marry Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of John F. Kennedy, in 1968. Their private island marriage created a huge media buzz and the idea of private islands hit the mainstream.


Onassis bought the island for about £13,000. Some estimate the price today for the island at over $200 million. Visitors are forbidden on this mostly uninhabited island, protected by guards. Upon Ari’s death, the island was passed to his daughter Christina, and then onto her daughter Athina Onassis. Aristotle Onassis, his son Alexander, and his daughter Christina are all buried on the island. The glamour surrounding Ari and his opulent lifestyle is what gave private islands their modern cachet.

Athina Onassis

athina-onassis Not much is known about Athina Onassis’ relationship with Skorpios Island. The billionaire heiress, in her 20s, is a competitive show jumper and the only surviving descendant of her grandfather Ari Onassis. She does not seem to spend time there. Rumours that she may sell the island circulate periodically circulate. Bill Gates has allegedly shown interest in the island. In 2010, rumours circulated that Giorgio Armani purchased Skorpios Island for 150 million euros, but proved to be untrue.