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Private Island Security

In some parts of the world, a remote and vacant home is an open invitation to thieves, vandals and squatters. If you don’t live on your private island full time, you should consider placing a caretaker there in your absence.


Without a caretaker, everything you have on the island is vulnerable to theft and destruction. At the very least, you might need someone to water the garden and keep the property clean and looking like someone lives there. Setting timers for lights inside the house really doesn’t have the same effect on a private island. If you can’t afford a caretaker, don’t leave valuables on the island. Accept that anything you do leave on the island may be stolen or destroyed. Absentee private island owners without a caretaker put themselves and their property at risk.

If your private island estate is a going concern with staff, buildings and a functioning business, you need an island manager who lives either on your island or very near it. A manager can oversee construction and maintenance on your behalf. This might include hiring and supervising staff, looking after guests and paying the bills. Maintenance is a normal expense of owning a private island, but it’s up to an island owner to determine if leaving his or her investment unattended is worth the risk. On a remote island, squatters can camp out for weeks or months. Unwelcome visitors come in all shapes and sizes; cormorants can quickly take over an unattended island and decimate your shoreline.


People and animals aren’t the only threat to your private island. Fire is another concern. Fires can start without warning due to faulty electrics or fuel mishaps. If a stranger decides to stop over on your private island for a picnic, perhaps lighting a fire for cooking or warmth, they might not be as careful as you about the putting the fire out when they leave. On a dry island, a careless cigarette butt can lead to catastrophe. One thing is for certain on a private island – if a fire gets out of control, there won’t be a fire truck coming to your rescue. Without a caretaker to monitor your island, you might return to find nothing more than a charred, black rock.

Security Starts at Home

pirateAs tempting as it may be, do not advertise the fact you own a private island. If you’re chatting with people on the mainland, it won’t take them long to figure out where your island is and when you’re not there. Most island owners are secretive about their locations, as they wish to protect their privacy and their property. The urge to brag about your private island might be strong, but doing so puts you and your island in danger. If you have island neighbours, get to know them and help each other out – they can be one of your best sources of security. Let your neighbours know if you’re expecting visitors to your private island when you’re not there. That way, your neighbours will know the difference between visitors and intruders. Neighbours can also keep an eye out for flooding, fires, and other foes.