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Private Island Caretakers

If you’d like to try out private island living, but don’t have the funds to buy your own island, being a private island caretaker could be the ideal solution.

private-island-caretaker A private island caretaker looks after the landowner’s property in exchange for rent-free living accommodations with the possibility of a wage as well. As an island caretaker, you can enjoy a simple, independent lifestyle.

A private island caretaker can bring any number of skills to the job like carpentry, gardening or renovating. Caretaker fishing But traits such as honesty, common sense and reliability are also key. You should be in good health and able to function independently without supervision. A love of nature and solitude is also important. Since you will be spending a lot of time alone, having hobbies and interests like reading, writing or photography is helpful. Your job might be simple, just watching out for vandals and unwelcome visitors. Or, you might be in charge of landscaping, cleaning, repairs, and supervising staff. Island caretaking can involve hard work, but it usually leaves lots of time to pursue your own interests.

If you’re looking for unconventional and inexpensive ways to travel, caretaking might be the gig for you. Imagine rent free living in interesting places. Caretakers are people who are tired of the same old mortgage payments and rent. Other caretakers want to explore different locations with an eye to retirement. Some people are simply looking to escape the rat race.

If you’re applying for a caretaker position, you should be able to provide solid character references. The property owner will want to ensure that you are trustworthy and reliable. Caretaking opportunities can be found all over the world. To find them, visit classifieds and forums in the areas that interest you. Also view the longstanding Caretaker Gazette at

Lighthouse Keeper Jobs


Imagine bringing the whole family to an island in Maine for a working vacation as lighthouse keepers. You’ll see whales and seals from your front yard. Many caretakers are lifelong travellers. Caretaking offers the opportunity to experience life as the locals live it. For caretakers who are considering moving to another country, caretaking allows them the opportunity to to experience life in a new location prior to spending time, money and energy relocating there. Travellers can look after island resort properties during the low season and enjoy the use of the facilities.