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Laucala Island Dietrich Mateschitz

In 2002, 3000 acre Laucala island was acquired by Dietrich Mateschitz for $10 million. Mateschitz redeveloped the paradise island in Fiji at a cost of $30 million.


With his cheeky advertising and extreme sports sponsorships, this Red Bull energy drink zillionaire has certainly created a buzz. Mateschitz visits Laucala once or twice a year for a few weeks at a time. But if you want to visit Mateschitz’s exclusive refuge, a trust fund alone won’t get you access. You need to fill out an application and wait for an invitation to the Fijian island.


The largest private island in the southern hemisphere was passed from one titan of industry to another. Laucala Island was formerly owned by publisher Malcolm Forbes, legendary for his lavish lifestyle that included private jets, yachts, and outrageous birthday parties attended by a dizzying A-list. What self respecting billionaire would omit a private island from his opulent collection? Forbes bought Laucala Island in 1972. He was known as a generous landlord and paid for the education of the island’s inhabitants.


The 25 villas all have private pools. And there are 335 staff to usher you around to the dozen beaches, spa, and a golf course. Hard to reach and even harder to get invited, Laucala Island may as well be located at the end of the earth. The island sits in the cerulean waters of northern Fiji’s Vanua Levu. Small private planes can land on the island’s short runway after a 50 minute flight from Fiji’s International Nadi airport. Laucala is can also be reached by yacht after passing through the tricky 18 mile long horseshoe shaped coral reef surrounding Laucala.