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101 Reasons to Buy an Island


You can afford it

Clothing is optional

360 degrees of waterfront

You want to be like Richard Branson

Hire a Man Friday

You collect fine things


Great dinner party conversation

Stop being a slave to your iPhone


Pragmatism is boring

Avoid the paparazzi

Ye olde universe isn’t creating more islands anytime soon

Gilligan’s Island is more than a show, it’s an ideal

You’re a pirate

Breed rare butterflies

Get off the grid

Quit smoking

Your dog can’t run away

Never watch CNN again

Property tax

Start your own country


Membership in the Private Island Club has its privileges

You own a Swiss army knife and know how to use it

A place to park your yacht

Another tech bubble

No one complains about your loud music

Escape the madding crowd

Because it’s sexy

woman-on-beachYou just won the lottery

No more trips to Ikea on Saturday

Stop shaving

You can live without the Kwicky Mart

The island has its reasons

You’re an evil scientist hellbent on world domination

Grow a beard

No pesky neighbours

sea-planePrivate Islands are chick magnets

Mai Tai’s for breakfast

Robinson Crusoe

Your friends already call you eccentric

Islands are a status symbol

Scuba dive outside your front door

Name the island after yourself

hot-girl-on-beachExpand your investment portfolio


Trade winds

Create your own electricity for free

Avoid the world

You are a rugged individualist

Private Islands retain their value

You hate your job

Start a cult

Build a helipad


Grow weed

Get chickens and eat your own eggs

Endless summers

Hang your hammock for good

You related to the movie Castaway

A place to store your National Geographic collection

Coconut water all the time


Start a reality series

Work on your tan

Finally write that book in peace and quiet

Fish off your own deck

Become an islophile

Build an eco lodge

A beach with nobody on it

You’ve read An Island to Oneself

No interlopers

Honeymoon forever

dog-islandPrivate islands outperform the mainstream property market

A gift for the person who already has everything

Live in the ultimate gated community

Create a sea turtle sanctuary

Swim in your own lagoon

Niche real estate is your thing

Arrive by helicopter

Rent your island to other people

Design your own golf course

Be a hermit

Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage and David Copperfield already own private islands.


Count the stars

Owning an island isn’t just for the rich and famous

Start your own tribe

Recreate the Garden of Eden

Your own airstrip

Capitalism is so over

Make the rules

Survivor Man

tribeHurricanes don’t frighten you

Plant a garden

Buried treasure

Steward a bird sanctuary

Become a Luddite

Start a commune

You are self sufficient

Build a marina

Shower under the sun and stars

A tropical island makes an ideal second home

Create a luxury haven like Mustique